About Gabriella

Gabriella Simpkins is an award-winning singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Informed by her vast experiences across many genres and performance settings, her music exists at the intersections of folk, classical, jazz, and indie rock.

Growing up in a musical home, Simpkins’ passion for her craft was almost inevitable. She began playing the flute at age 9. Having perfect pitch, she taught herself music theory, and by age 13, she was writing songs and arranging pieces by ear for chamber wind ensembles. At the beginning of her pursuit of songwriting, Simpkins had originally intended to write songs for other people to sing, but her work became so intimate and introspective that she ultimately decided to sing the songs herself. She later taught herself to play the guitar and started accompanying her songs with a thoughtful and intricate guitar style that is often compared to that of Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake. Her classical compositions are heavily inspired by late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century composers such as Debussy, Schoenberg, and Stravinsky. Blending all of these experiences together, Simpkins’ work showcases her diverse talents and creates a listening experience that subverts expectations of genre and conventionality.

Simpkins began to focus more seriously on a career in music in her freshman year at Cape Cod Community College. She originally planned to study biology and go to medical school to avoid the economic instability of an arts career, but very quickly after starting college she realized that a STEM career gave her no sense of fulfillment. Having received her Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts from CCCC, she is now attending Salem State University while managing her career as a singer-songwriter and composer. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music at SSU with a focus in classical composition. In her career, she regularly performs her singer-songwriter material at New England-area venues such as Club Passim, the Hard Rock Café, and MVY Radio. Additionally, she teaches and tutors in music theory and songwriting, is beginning work as a freelance film composer and session musician, and is also recording her debut album independently. She has received grants from Club Passim to upgrade her recording equipment and aid in post-production expenses related to the project.

Simpkins also enjoys volunteering in the nonprofit sector . She served as a board member and digital marketing consultant at the Cordial Eye Gallery and Artist Space, a Cape-based alternative arts nonprofit; has served on the board of the Cape Cod chapter of Democratic Socialists of America; and is an inaugural member of Club Passim’s Folk Collective, a cohort of artists and thinkers committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the folk genre.

Simpkins' future plans include releasing her debut album and establishing herself as a film composer. After finishing her bachelor’s degree, she is considering graduate studies in music composition and musicology alongside performing and freelancing.